Four years in Germany

Hello 🙂

I realized that in the beginning of this month I completed 4 years living in Germany and now looking at my blog and what to post, I think this would be a good theme to talk about.

From all the places I lived, Germany was the last one I would guess it would be the one I would live the longest. In these four years I was finally able to find what I was looking from a long time, stability.

Stability, for me, doesn’t mean that everything was good and easy. I had a bunch of up and downs that maybe if it was other times, I would probably moved out, but for some reason, I stayed. And I’m glad I did.

In these four years I first shared a flat with a German girl. After one year I fulfilled my dream of living alone, it was amazing! I always thought living alone would be great, but it was even better. It was so good to finally have my own little space, where I was the one responsible for everything. However, after two years, my boyfriend and I decided to live together, and again, it’s being better than I imagined.

Living in Germany for this long, gave me the chance to have situations/opportunities/problems of a life that I wouldn’t have as a nômade moving every year or so. And I really like having “normal” problems. It’s nice to have a base and always have a place to come back to.

Being in Germany for this long also broke my own personal record of being in one place for so long. Since I was little, still in Brazil, I would always move houses, schools and cities, I don’t recall of being more than 2/3 years in the same place. And maybe that’s why I’m so happy to have some type of situations and describe my problem as “normal” problems, even though I love traveling and knowing different cultures, deep down, I always wanted to settle in one place and experience this in the long term. So I think it hits different for me.

As I said previously, not everything was roses, I had plenty of downs, and some of them still hunts me. For instance, it’s very embarrassing for me to admit that even after four years, I can’t speak a fluent German. I tried many many times to study, go to classes, but for some reason I just couldn’t finish or take it seriously. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t need/use German in my daily basis (giving that I speak in English for my work and all my friends are foreigns). Still, not at all a good reason to not know the language.

Overall, Germany is a very welcoming place, people can be a bit more serious and not very open to new people. However the country is very foreign friendly and I truly feel at home in here. It’s also the place in which I feel the safest, I can just walk around day and night without any concern.

I’m still not sure if Germany is the place where I want to spend the rest of my life in. The weather is very severe on winter and the lack of sun/light is something that gets you more than you can imagine (specially for a Brazilian :p). The language is also something that makes things a bit more complicated to try new things (new classes, meet new people and so on…) But for now, it’s the place in which I call it home, and I’m truly happy to call it like that ❤️


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