Exploring my Own City


Hey guys ✨

Today I wanna share with you the amazing Saturday I had discovering a new place in my own city!

The initial plan was to take the train (love taking trains! And since the lockdown, I wasn’t able to go anywhere) to go to a nearby city called Haltern am see. It’s a 20 minute train ride from my city and it has a little beach in there, so my boyfriend and I thought it would be the perfect mini getaway.

When we arrived at the train station, we found out that for a round trip in a 20 minute ride to our destination, it would cost us 24.00€! It’s not extremely expensive, but we think is not worth it for such a close destination and that we could go to a bigger city for the same price. So we decided to abort the plan 😦

Our disappointment lasted only a few minutes since we started to check the map and first we thought about going to the Zoo (which was also vetoed due price as well lol) and then we decided to just walk in the lake we have here in Münster – the Aasee. The lake is quite famous and we always go there, but this time we decided to go beyond our usual place and explore a bit better.

For our surprise, we had the best time discovering this part of our own city. We found out a mini forest which is something we love so much and have been looking for a while now.



A mini farm we found in our way


Happy explorers!

I have been living here for two years and to still find new places to go is always amazing 🙂

We spent the mid morning/early afternoon walking and after we were done, we found a bar and decided to stop for a drink and to eat something.

I must say that it was not the best pizza of all times, but the view + our hunger, made it great!

After that we made our way back home happy that our train ride didn’t work out!

I’m now starting to plan our first trip since the lockdown! I’m thinking about Hamburg, which is very close by and with lots of nice things to do. So I will definitely come back to tell you about that too 😀

That’s it 🙂 a very short post to just show a bit of my weekend. Ah, if you liked the nature pictures, you should check my bf’s instagram @pimbaholic and check out more!

Happy Sunday everyone ✨


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